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Sunday Evening Faith Exploration Group

Got questions? We got some answers (and more questions)

Beginning last fall the above persons participated in a Sunday evening faith exploration group which met at the Lichti home.  Each evening began with food and informal fellowship.  An “ice breaker” kicked off the formal sharing.  Sometimes the ice breaker asked participants to share the high and low points of their week or answer questions pulled out of a hat.  Example-“I’d rather eat a handful of hair or lick off 5 pay phones.”

To review basic Christian teaching about the meaning of life, the identity and mission of Jesus and what it means to be saved, we sat under the teaching of the Alpha DVDs which feature the entertaining Anglican Vicar, Nicky Gumble.  For the last half of the course, we read and discussed the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective.

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We paid particular attention to the Anabaptist/Mennonite slant on doctrines such as the church, baptism, communion, foot washing, discipline, swearing of oaths, peacemaking and government.  A uniform set of Bibles helped us find relevant scriptures by the page number, rather than chapter and verse.

Our discussions were always enriched by the input of persons from diverse denominational backgrounds.  Although everyone is currently attending EMC, persons in this year’s group grew up in different Christian traditions-Amish, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Missionary, United and Mennonite.

We learned from one another and the Holy Spirit.  The group would probably agree that we answered some questions, left some unanswered, agreed on some topics and disagreed on others. At the end of this course, each individual or couple had an interview with a pastor to explore next steps in their faith journey.   Next year’s group is in the planning stage.  Tell a Pastor or Elder if you’d like to participate.

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