Ministry Team

Fred Lichti, Pastor

Fred Lichti

Since we moved to Elmira in 2010, I have been a pastor in this gifted and service-minded congregation which loves to sing. It is my challenge and blessing to share in the ministries of preaching, teaching, administration and pastoral care. Because the future of the church depends on calling the younger generation to faith in Christ and service in God’s Kingdom, I find special joy in encouraging the gifts of young people and working with lay leadership teams.

Like the prophet Samuel who heard God’s call as a young boy, my call to ministry came in my childhood. I am ever grateful for the opportunities to develop and use my gifts—first in my home congregation and then through serving as a pastor at Mennonite Churches in Wilmot Township and Listowel. A favourite scripture comes from Micah 6, “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Rosie (Zehr) and I have been married since 1980. We have three young adult children who are all married, busy in their chosen careers and serving the Lord in various congregations in Waterloo Region.

Woodworking, gardening and grafting fruit trees are hobbies which connect me with the marvels and beauty of creation and the Creator who stands behind it all.

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Telephone: 519-669-5123 ext. 3

Jonathan Brubacher, Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries

Jonathan Brubacher

It has been a winding road to accept the call to serve as pastor at Elmira Mennonite Church. I grew up in Elmira and I am so thankful for my home congregation of Zion Mennonite Fellowship where my faith was nurtured and participation in the congregation was encouraged.

I love exploring the natural world and dabbling in beekeeping. My relationship with God continues to be enriched by the intersection between faith and creation. I have found travel and exploration to be vehicles for sharpening my focus on God. I had the privilege of spending nine months volunteering and travelling in Israel/Palestine during which times of solitude and many new friendships nurtured my relationship with Jesus in foundational ways.

Hanging out with the youth at EMC has been a chance to play while at the same time being stretched in my own faith as we journey together exploring where God calls us. I’m not sure why but I’m fascinated by the Biblical character Elisha. Maybe it’s his boldness or perhaps the seemingly random stories where God acts in powerful ways in the ins and outs of everyday life. I’m challenged to be alert to the movement of the Spirit in the everyday.

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Telephone: 519-669-5123 ext. 4

Sarah Freeman, Associate Pastor of Outreach and Faith Formation

Sarah Freeman

Sarah is on leave until August 21, 2017. For issues pertaining to the Outreach and Faith Formation roles, please contact Jonathan Brubacher (see above).

I grew up in Kitchener attending First Mennonite Church. Later, I became the pastor of youth and young adults at First Mennonite. Highlights from my time as a youth pastor include weekly Bible classes, vigorous games of spatulas, and a trip to Costa Rica. After finishing at First Mennonite, I moved to Toronto, got married, and started a degree in preaching at the University of Toronto. It was a busy year!

I enjoy combining studying and work so I have had many different jobs working with kids, youth, teaching College students, working with graduate students, and preaching in Mennonite, Presbyterian, and United churches.

During our time in Toronto, we adopted a cat named Blues. Two years later we got a dog named DiNozzo, and now we have a daughter, too. Our house is usually full of little feet chasing each other or climbing the furniture.

I draw closer to God when I am reading and at Chesley Lake at my grandparents’ cottage. I grew up visiting the cottage and it is full of many moments of family, friends, and faith. My favorite Bible stories include Lydia in Acts and Moses in Exodus. I always find it funny that Moses sees a burning, unconsumed bush that talks to him, and yet he still has to be told that he is standing on Holy Ground. It is a good reminder that everywhere our feet tread is Holy Ground, even if sometimes we don’t see it.

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Telephone: 519-669-5123 ext. 4