Our Staff Team

Elmira Mennonite Church uses a 2-pastor team approach to ministry.  Depending on the congregation's needs, up to 2-FTE positions are filled at a given time.  In addition, a Lay Ministry Team assists with preaching, leading congregational prayers and visitation.  When qualified persons are available, EMC chooses to keep a balance of female and male leaders.

Jonathan Brubacher - Lead Pastor

Having grown up in Elmira, I am so thankful for my home congregation of Zion Mennonite Fellowship where my faith was nurtured and participation in the congregation was encouraged. Since beginning as Elmira Mennonite Church’s Youth Worker in 2012, I have appreciated the support and encouragement of the EMC family to explore ministry and respond to the call to accept greater responsibility. The winding road that led me to accept the call to serve as pastor at Elmira Mennonite Church includes studying Wildlife Biology at University of Guelph, working on a chicken farm, and completing a Masters of Theological Studies at Conrad Grebel University College.

I am grateful for the warm welcomed extended to my wife, Laura Jane, before and since our marriage in 2017.

I love exploring the natural world, dabbling in beekeeping, and, along with my wife, caring for our rented farmhouse property. My relationship with God continues to be enriched by the intersection between faith and creation. I’m fascinated by the Biblical character Elisha. Maybe it is his boldness, or perhaps the unexpected stories where God acts in powerful ways in the ins-and-outs of daily life. Through those stories, I am challenged to be alert to the movement of the Spirit in the everyday.

Erv Wiens - Associate (supply) Pastor

I was born in Paraguay and grew up in Alberta. After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, and marrying Marian Durksen, I began teaching high school in Ontario, then in Kenya, followed by three years in Zambia. Next I served as Interim Director for MCC Ontario for two years. While completing that term, I received an intriguing call to pastoral ministry.

I worked in pastoral ministries including 13 years in Breslau, nine in Windsor, five in South Korea, five in Calgary, followed by interim ministries at Mannheim and Hawkesville. Along the way, Marian and I became parents to six children, five by adoption and one born to us. Most recently I’ve worked with the revenue development team at MCCO. 

When the call came from MCEC, asking if I would consider supply ministry at Elmira Mennonite Church, my answer fairly quickly became a “yes.” Why at this age and stage of life? Because I enjoy working with people; I have gifts of encouragement, teaching and preaching; and I am not ready for retirement.”



Erv Wiens
Associate (supply) Pastor

 tel. 519-669-5123 ext. 3

Jonathan Brubacher
Lead Pastor

 tel. 519-669-5123 ext. 4 

Arlene Wyngaarden
Office Administrator

 tel. 519-669-5123 ext. 2